Proactiv® Affiliate Program | Get $25 Commission per Sale

Category: Skincare/Beauty

Proactive affiliate program is targeted towards beauty or skincare related blogs or websites. This is a celebrity endorsed product, which means more demand and exposure to the masses. Get your attractive image banners now and start making some serious money.


Proactive Affiliate Banner

Proactive Affiliate Banner


Campaign rules:

  • Pays on every completed sale. (1st page)
  • Available for email, banner, website traffic only
  • Incentivized: NO
  • Cash Incentivized: NO
  • Contextual: YES
  • Banner: YES
  • Email: YES
  • PPC Search: YES (no trademark terms)

Proactiv® – Acne Treatment System

Proactiv® Solution has changed the skin—and lives—of millions of people. Read our customer success stories and see in their un-retouched photos how Proactiv® Solution has helped them control their acne. You can receive a FREE GIFT if you order one of Proactiv’s great systems.

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2 thoughts on “Proactiv® Affiliate Program | Get $25 Commission per Sale”

  1. Hello,
    I just lost internet connection so I don’t know if my last message
    went through so I will send it again.

    I am having trouble finding an Affiliate Program for Proactive on
    your site.
    Could you tell me if one exist.


  2. Hello Ron,

    Unfortunately the Proactiv is no longer available however we will have a new campaign coming out called FIrst Crush that should be premiering the first week of November.

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