Cooking Pleasures Ceramic Skillet

Category: Kitchen

This revolutionary 10″ ceramic skillet includes a cast aluminum core for excellent cooking, Ecolon non-stick coating, ceramic coating is extraordinarily durable, healthy cooking without the use of oil, easy to clan and safer the the environment! Included in this offer is a pair of Deluxe Kitchen Scissors, which are are great for cutting almost anything around the kitchen.

Official Description:

No need to use oil — food won’t stick  to this pan’s advanced surface, not even eggs! What this new, state-of-the-art ceramic cookware can do. From cooking quality to ease of cleanup, it’s simply a higher level of performance than was ever previously possible. Now experience it for yourself by getting this 10″ Ceramic Skillet with glass lid FREE! Made from stainless steel and black nylon, this 3-piece utensil set normally sells for $20, but can be yours for just $9.95 with FREE shipping & handling if you add it to your order today.



Benefits for Affiliates:

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  • low price point/high payout
  • great holiday offer
  • proven category
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