NuWave Perfect Green Frying Pan

NuWave Perfect Green Frying Pan

Non Stick pans are most widely used across every house. But have you ever thought that cooking in your favorite non stick frying pan can have many harmful effects on you and your family’s health. Cooking for a non sticky food needs lubrication with oil which can be unhealthy for the body. Also while cleaning the pans the non stick coatings can chip off and can be harmful since the coating is made out of alloys like aluminum, lead, nickel and chromium. What if there was a frying pan which had the perfect non stick ability minus the harm? The Nuwave Perfect Green is the perfect solution for such a problem.

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About NuWave Perfect Green™

The Nuwave Perfect Green fry pan comes with a 20 year limited warranty and a ceramic knife which does not need sharpening and 4 colorful flexi mats as free gifts. Cooking a low fat egg white omelet, a delicious steak and salmon was never so easy!.

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