Children Monitoring Apps

If you are interested in providing your children with the latest smart devices on the market and the best apps to go along with them, you might also add more stress to your regular daily amount. The concern regarding the size of your next month’s bill caused by over usage of data your kids will download is just one of the factors. Also, the safety degree of these new apps is not always known to you. But today we are going to talk to you about some smart apps that will allow you to make the most out of your child’s smart devices – monitoring apps that come to the rescue of all of you concerned parents out there!


Mobile Apps Every Parent Should Have

Apps that enable the mobile monitoring of Android systems will enable parents to maintain their children better protected and supervised. They will allow them to check on their kids while still at the office and make sure they are fine. You will also be able to supervise your teenage kids while attending a party. For instance, Mobile Spy is an app that provides its users with call intercepting options. Simply downloading the app and setting up a unique PIN number for it will allow parents to text their phone with the respective PIN and the number it needs to dial. This will automatically trigger the target phone to be activated without ringing and connect the parents’ phone so they can listen to the other end. Talk about playing the secret services with your kids! Other examples of similarly useful apps are Norton Safety Minder which will enable parents to both track and block sites that they consider to be dangerous for their age or the similar Kids Place. If you are afraid your underage child might access a real money online casino such as the, it is recommended you make full use of any of these apps.

P90X2 – UK Traffic Only

Category: Fitness & Wellness

Another hot fitness campaign is now open for UK traffic! P90X2 is based on P90X’s successful muscle confusion, but this time they upped the ante by adding training techniques developed by professional sports trainers for elite athletes. With numerous testimonials and unique training methods, P90X2 is proven to drive results. Sign in to get your links today and contact your affiliate manager with any questions!

What Comes with Insanity: The Asylum-

    • 13 DVDs
    • P90X2 Fitness Guide
    • P90X2 Workout Calendar
    • “How To Bring It Again”
    • P90X2 Fitness Guide
    • Free Online Support

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Insanity: The Asylum Workout – UK Traffic Only

Category: Fitness & Wellness

All of Shaun T’s workout videos have received an increase in press and sales with the recent addition of Focus T25.  Because of the success across the board, we have decided to open up Insanity: The Asylum for UK traffic so our affiliates can reap the benefits of the hot topic. Shaun T is an incredible motivator and gets you into your best shape using training techniques of professional athletes. Contact your affiliate manager today with any questions!

What Comes with Insanity: The Asylum-

    • 6 Pro-Level Workouts
    • 5 Elite Training Tools
    • Plus 2 Free Gifts

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Great Kitchen Secrets

Category: Home & Kitchen

Secrets, helpful hints, tips, suggestions, expert advice – we’ll take it! Everyone needs a little assistance in the kitchen and Chef Tony is here to help. Great Kitchen Secrets is a book full of tricks from some of the world’s best chefs! Learn how to keep herbs fresh, how to get a messy pan clean, and so much more. Also included is Great Cleaning Secrets. This is a great campaign to pair with Gardening Made Easy, or any of our Home & Kitchen offers!

Approved Traffic:

    • Display
    • Email

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Aero Knife

Category: Home & Kitchen

Aero Knife is as sharp as a razor and as light as air. The best part is that nothing sticks to the knife because it contains strategically placed holes for 60% less surface area. This order has a special offer will shorten preparation time and make cooking easier. Everyone loves the word “easy” so start promoting the Aero Knife today!

What Come with an Aero Knife Order:

    • Additional Aero Knife Free!
    • Shorter and easier meal preparation
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    • Bonus- Edge of Glory knife sharpener

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Focus T25

Category: Fitness & Wellness

Great news affiliates! We are happy to announce your access to  the new fitness hit, Focus T25. This campaign has already received an abundance of press and positive reviews. Shaun T, the creator and trainer for Insanity, is the man behind these 25 minute workouts. Focus T25 has been called the biggest breakthrough in workout videos and is predicted to be a huge success. Contact your affiliate manager with any questions and begin promoting this offer today!

The Focus T25 Package:

    • Alpha Cycle: The Foundation
    • Beta Cycle: The Core
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Nutrition Guide
    • Workout Calendars
    • Bonus Gifts- Stretch Workout, Resistance Band, 5-Day Fast Track, 24/7 Online Support
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

Category: Collectables

An incredible collectable and exquisite time piece than can be cherished forever! The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is certified by the American Historic Society and includes a chain and fob. This campaign offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is great to position as a gift or as one-of-a-kind collectable to men and seniors. Contact your affiliate manager today with any questions.

Features of Kansas City Pocket Watch:

    • Legendary Style of the Old West
    • Certified by the American Historic Society
    • Silver-toned Bezel
    • Includes: pocket watch, paired chain and fob, certificate of authenticity

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Perfect Polly

Category: Pets

Perfect Polly is the best pet! She is great for adults, children, seniors, anyone! Many people wish that they could have a pet but do not have the time and money to take care one. Perfect Polly is the perfect solution. This beautiful parakeet chirps and moves her head and feathers. This campaign is open for Display and Email traffic!

Features of Perfect Polly:

    • Moves head and feathers
    • Chirps
    • Sits on perch or your finger
    • No mess!
    • On/Off button

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StoneWave Mircowave Cooker

Category: Home & Kitchen

StoneWave is another great Home and Kitchen campaign. With different unique features, there are many benefits to the StoneWave Cooker that can be used to impress any audience. It cooks delicious gourmet food and it does cooks quickly and easily, in the mircowave. The food is healthier because there is no need for butter, fats or oils. And everyone loves the StoneWave’s easy clean up! Contact your affiliate manager today with any questions.

Approved Traffic:

    • Display
    • Email

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Butterfly Abs

Category: Fitness & Wellness

Great campaign to pair with Curvassure by Contour! Trends have shown that Americans no longer have the time to workout and stay in-shape. Butterfly Abs uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation, just like Curvassure, to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Fitness and Wellness campaign for any audience- both men and women will love the ease of an effortless technique for getting in shape.

Looking for a Campaign to Pair with Butterfly Abs?:

  • Curvassure by Contour
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender
  • RushFit

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